AutoTrader 40 Million View, & Counting

Name: Auto Trader
Platform: Android 2.3 and Above, iOS
Size: 4.6 Megabytes
Version: v2.0
Updated: July 31, 2014
Rating: Low Maturity

Auto Trader Smash automotive Online Records on the Crest of Android App Launch

Spring has sprung in the automotive industry, with Auto Trader recording an incredible 40 million page views, a unique browser total of 1,4 million, and the title of most viewed automotive site on SA shores (web and mobile) The win comes on the tail of the introduction of their Android App to consumers last month.

“We launched our iOS app in July 2013” said Auto Trader’s CEO George Mienie. “With 55% of our current mobile traffic coming from Andriod devices, we needed to improve the user journey with an Andriod version.”

Auto Trader’s plus two decades of success has been centred on a single, core ethos: removing the barrier between buyer and seller. Embracing innovation, the Android App allows users to instantly narrow a countrywide list of 1000s of available vehicles to within kilometres of their location and with the tap of a finger, customers can automatically call, email or visit the dealer’s website straight from their device.

The App allows users to search by make, model, year, price, mileage and location. You can search for a car, bike, leisure item, commercial or plant and farming equipment. Being able to select multiple makes and models is a new feature that allows easy comparison. Select how many different makes you want to search for (e.g. BMW and Toyota), then select the models you want to search for (e.g. BMW 3 Series and Toyota Corolla). Click the back button to view summary and refine the search using the sliders. All search results will be displayed on the same page for easy comparison between chosen makes and models. The search results can be sorted by ascending or descending price.

The success of the App is trumpeted in the figures. Over 800,000 of the company’s 1,4 million unique browsers were customers surfing from their mobile devices. Furthermore, Auto Trader has secured third spot in highest page views on all South African mobile platforms.

“Our goal is to make buying or selling a vehicle effortless,” said Mienie. “We’re incredibly proud of these recent successes.”

Auto Trader’s spring win is validation of a bold shake-up that has recently taken place. At the end of 2013 the company, along with local investors Stockdale Street, RMB Corvest, and Bopa Moruo, announced a local management team takeover. The sale meant that the business, which had been run by South Africans for over two decades, was now owned by South Africans.

Auto Trader is an icon of the South African automotive industry. This spring’s successes bode well for a company committed more than ever, to providing South Africans with the best means to buy or sell vehicles. “It’s been an exciting year so far,” said Mienie. “It’s proof that even after 20 years, we’re just getting started.”

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