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Cellphone banking is a means to access your bank account, direct from your mobile phone. Although your cellphone cannot dispense money to you,  it can  offer your a whole lot of other useful functions. Such as transferring money across accounts, and checking your balances. This provides you access to money, irrespective of your location.

Quite recently, banks in South Africa have started to release smartphone applications. These apps that run on your device, provide clients direct access to their bank accounts, aswell to other specialized services of the bank. Standard bank and FNB are amongst the leaders making headway on the Android and iOS with their respective apps. Other banks such as Absa and Nedbank, are yet to launch.

There are three ways to connect to your bank account, from your cellphone. The first method is to connect via the web browser. This method is the same as accessing your account through your pc, and is arguably safer as there are less threats such as malware on mobile platforms.  The connection is encrypted all the time, when logged in to the bank’s website.

The second method is to use a dedicated application, such as the FNB and Standard bank smartphone apps . This is the most recent form of cellphone banking, and is certainly the most appealing. It offers encryption, and makes use of a user name and password for additional security. The third method is to use conventional services, such USSD and SMS. This method can be of use for people without smartphones, who would like to make use of Cellphone banking for  services such as checking an account balance.  USSD is more secure than SMS, but both do not offer encryption.

First National Bank

– Platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian
– Cost: Free
– Website: FNB App

  – Stop Payments
Locate FNB Branches and ATMs
Buy Prepaid Products
View Foreign exchange Rates
Geo Payment: This allows FNB clients access to eWallet.
eWallet allows an FNB Account holder to send money to anyone with a valid (RICA) South African Cellphone number. The recipient of the money does not need a bank account, and can withdraw all or  portions of the money at FNB Atm’s and selected stores. The money is transfered instantly, and can be withdrawn without a bank card.


 Standard Bank

– Platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry
– Cost: Free
– Website: www.standardbank.co.za

– View Account Balances
– View Graphical Data about Accounts
– Get Account Statements
– Transfer Funds
– Pay Beneferciaries
– Buy Airtime
– Locate ATMs and Branches
– View Foreign Exchange Rates




– Platform: iOS and Android
– Cost: Free
– Website: Capitec Mobile Banking


– Buy airtime
– Buy electricity
– View account balances
– View last electricity token purchased
– Do multi loan withdrawals
– Pay Capitec Bank clients
– Transfer money between your accounts
– Register for SMS Update for added security



– Platform: iOS and Android
– Cost: Free
– Website: Nedbank App Suite
The Nedbank mobile is termed “Suite” and that is exacly what it is. The user can do one of many things with this application(if you bank with Nedbank that is). Firstly to make use of this application, you need to use the “Activate NedApp” function which will generate a passkey to secure your transactions whilst using the app. Nedbank have made a video about how to activated the app, found on youtube here. Users also need to “active banking” to make use of the apps functions. Read Full Article.

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