How to Setup Telkom Netgear Router

Telkom has a variety of Netgear Routers available on their product list. Below are the settings of a working configuration of a Netgear Router when connected to the Internet: *Note if you need to see the images more clearly – right click on it, and select VIEW IMAGE*

    1. First you need establish a connection to your router. This can be done via an Ethernet Cable, or connecting to the wireless network being broadcast from your router. If are you unsure of the credentials, flip your router upside down and look at the SSID and Username / Password normally written on it.

  1. Once you have connected to the Router visit the administrative URL
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
  2. On the left hand side of the screen, is the navigation menu. Click on Basic Settings. The settings are as follows:
    • Multiplexing Method: LLC-Based
    • VPI: 8
    • VCI: 35
    • Does Your Internet Connection Require a Login?: Yes
    • Encapsulation: PPPoE(PPP over Ethernet)
    • Login: Your Telkom Username(mine looks something like:
    • Password: Your Telkom Password
    • Service Name: Empty
    • Idle Timeout(In Minutes): 600
    • Internet IP Address: Get Dynamically From ISP
    • Domain Name Server(DNS) Address: Get Automatically From ISP
    • NAT(Network Address Translation): Enable



4. The last step is to Restart your Modem – and confirm you have Internet access by visiting a website like

Below you can find screenshots – of the other settings seen in a working configuration. Good Luck setting Up Your Modem!

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