News24 Mobile Application

News24 mobile application is an application available for Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. A mobile formatted version of the news found on the  News 24 domain, is presented within the application. Full text of the news articles are provided, served with advertisements from Outbrain.

News24s are an online news website, originally created in 1998 by the Naspers Group.

The is rated as one of South Africa most viewed websites, attracting among-st the highest amount of Unique Page Views.

Google Play Store:
Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 
 Rated for 3+(Suitable for all age groups. Some violence in a comical or fantasy context is acceptable. Bad language is not permitted)
 Average Rating: 4,1 Stars from 27,266
 Private Policy
 Requires : Varies with device

iOS Store:
 Developer: Online Studios (pty) Ltd.
 Size: 52.5 MB
 Rating: 12+ For:
 Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
 Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
 Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
 Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
 Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
 Requires: iOS v8.0 or later


Before we get any further into this application, on a side note the Apple website for the News24 application currently reports 2000+ ratings received from users. According to them, that is not sufficient to determine anything conclusive.  Apple have also given this news Application a rating of 12+, one of the reasons being “Mild Horror”. Ironically, in the News24 application, there is a notification sub feature, that will deliver “Beautiful News” to your smartphones home screen. I wonder if the same content described by Apple as Horror, is the same as what is described by News 24 as Beautiful 🙂 Google seems to take the news with little restraint, giving this application a rating of +3. For you information, that rating implies “safe for everyone”

Visiting the news24 website, you find that logo is two-tone, “news” being written in blue, and “24” being written in red. Kind of like Superman’s colours. The icon visible on the smartphones follows the same colour scheme, with the exception of enlarging the “24” and placing it on a new line. 

At the top,  the menu is compressed into a single icon with the News24 logo being centered and the weather, based on your echolocation being displayed on the right. Below this a almost widget like sub-menu exists, that provides easy navigation into the most relevant news articles. The sub-menu consists: “Top Stores, South Africa, Sport, Entertainment, Business, Video, Columnists, Tech, Health, Green, World, Africa, Travel Lotto, Food, Wheels, Women and Parent” categories.  This list seems large, however the sub-menu is scroll-able across the screen and bidirectional.

Below the sub-menu, are the articles for each category contained within the sub-menu. Each article is shown with its title, thumbnail image and post time. Cushioned between the articles, are sparsely scattered advertisements and sponsored content by Naspers’s partners.  Full text of each article is displayed, with post time/date and original source or author.  At the bottom of each article, are similar news articles displayed in vertical format. Social sharing via email, Facebook, twitter will be user dependent – however the option is there to do so via a neat icon placed at the top right.

The menu, which is compressed into a single icon at the top left, and disappears when viewing each article individually. To return to it, you have to go back to the home page where the sub-menu and accompanying articles are displayed. Within the menu, you can find the weather for your area, links to other “24” platform and a photos tab. The photo options are entertaining, as it allows you to upload something you want as well as view submissions from other users. A browse of this feature, revealed this interesting bus.

The settings tab for the News24 application, can be found under the compressed menu. It does not included much options for customization such as a night-reading mode, and allows for notifications to be individually handled and complaint’s about the application to be raised via a tab that launches your email client. Also under the settings tab, are the Terms and Conditions, Private Policy and version number.(at the time of righting v3.5.7).  Finally, there is a facebook login Tab – which I believe would only be useful in the case of you sharing news24 articles on Facebook, since commenting on articles was disabled a while back.

Other Functionality
Searching functionality is provided through the news24 application, allowing you to search for articles based on a search term.

Dstv Guide
Brings up a new screen showing show display times, based on package from DSTV.  Selecting this option keeps you in the application, and once closed you will return to the news24 application.

Financial indicators showing the prices updated from the JSE by iNET BFA. Data includes:

  • Commodities: Gold, Oil, Platinum, Silver, Palladium
  • Currencies: Usd, Gbp, Eur, Aud, Jpy
  • Indices: Cac 40, Dow Ind, Dow Util, Ftse 100 , Nikkei 225
  • Jse Indices: All Share, Financial 15, Industrial 25, Resource 10, Top 40
  • Currency Converter: Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, United States Dollar, South African Rand)
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News24 is well designed application, that presents the news in easy to read format with ads being placed in non-intrusive locations. Due to the fact that on Android, different users are using different versions of the application the user experience will not be the same. During our test with application, there were no crashes or freezing and reading the articles was straightforward. The application comes across as simple, but offers quite a good deal of functionality in addition to just serving up the news.


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