Opera Mini – Web Browser

– Platform: iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry
– Cost : Free app
– Mobile Web Browser
– Version: v7.0.2
– Website: m.opera.com

Opera Mini is a web browser for you phone. Opera is currently the fastest phone browser on iOS and Android. All web pages that reach your phone, are compressed by Opera mini and then formated for quick and efficient viewing. The Application is free, and can save you 100’s of megabytes. Features include:

– Turning Images of (Makes Webpages load quicker)
– Saving Web Pages for offline viewing.
– Tabbed browsing, you can have multiple tabs open at one time
– Speed Dial, Shows all your favorite websites on a single page
– Zoom and Fullscreen viewing
– Single Coloumn Viewing
– Data Usage Monitor: You can See how much you saved here.

You can view additional Opera Mini settings by typing about:config into your address bar. This will open the power settings tab.

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