SoundHound Music Recognition App

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry
Size: Varies According to Device

Here we have a nifty little app that has the ability to recognize music. If you have ever had the opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto 4, then using this app will be intuitive for you. In the game, the protagonist Niko can swoop out his cellphone, dial a certain number and a magic voice on the other end will tell you the name of the requested song.

SoundHound works a little bit like that, except now its 2014 as oppose to 2008 when Niko could only get the name of the song. SoundHound has the ability to recognize music simply by the user allowing the app to listen to what he is listening to. This is done via a click on the touchscreen. Once the song is found, SoundHound returns lyrics, youtube links to corresponding music videos, and a link to Download the song via iTunes.

sound-hound-chartsThe thing with SoundHound is the speed at which is does what it needs to do. This is obviously dependent on a solid internet connection, but if thats not a problem than you expect the app to function at blitz speed. An interesting feature, is that the user can “hum” a song to the app, which it will then try to recognize. To put this app through a quick test, I ran three songs through it. 1. Oh Sheit Its X . 2. Raiders – Shockwave. 3. Umlilo – Big Nuz. The app successfully found two of the songs, including the local one by Big Nuz. The song that it did not find was from the 1970’s (Raiders Shockwave), which was a long shot.

sound-hound-mapA feature I am still trying to figure out is when SoundHound shows you a map, with artists and theirs albums populated through it. My first thought was SoundHound was showing local artists and albums, but this is not true since Mika was shown to be somewhere in Richards Bay. A more plausible explanation of this feature is that SoundHound is showing what other users have searched for within the area. Considering this app already has 150 million users and fans, this makes much more sense. To wrap up this application, theres a built in feature showing SoundHounds Tweets and a chart feature showing the most trending songs.